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In a place within the splendid landscape in Guatemala, surrounded by volcanoes, with green splendor, tropical weather and delicious humidity, our family through many generations of expert growers, has developed the Lemongrass harvest to its maximum expression, diversifying to an agro industrial level.

In a rich, generous and virgin land, hard working people unite under a same culture to nurture and produce, conceiving a friendly working environment and environmentally friendly products.

That’s how our vision was formed so, forging strong friendship bonds with our environment and with our hardworking people, designing an agricultural responsible process, which gave us the opportunity to present the world with the best Lemongrass transformed to Tea, Extract, Oil and Fertilizer.

Products with enormous benefits to health a big and multiple uses, establishes as the raw material source for different industries.  We offer Lemongrass Extract, with recognized attributes for the health and be the basis to create drink and flavor specialty mixes.  The Lemongrass tea, powder, granulated and cut to pieces to taste pure or giving and extra touch to a mixture of other teas or natural herbs.  Essential oil to the aroma industry, perfumery and specialized aromatherapy.  For home cleaning, for personal care and hygiene, and for your pet.  Products that will enrich the soil and your crops, natural fertilizers and soil protecting products.

And now we have HACCP Certification and are also a Natural Products Association member.

Please visit our catalog with a detailed description of each product, where you will find the size and product to fit your needs.

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